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2 Packs Lip Pump Luscious Lips Plumper / Pump / Enhancer Fuller Bigger Pouty Smooth Lips

The Lip Pump/Enhancer restores fullness to disappearing lips as it dramatically increases your lip size and enhances your smile. Your lips will look smoother, fuller and younger when you use this innovative pump. There are no messy creams that contain harmful chemicals, there is no need for doctor visits and consequently, expensive bills! The Lip Enhancer is painless. You simply develop full, pouty, sensual lips.


Directions: First remove the bottom of the pump and lubricate the pump ring. You may use any type of moisturizer to do so. This enables a tighter seal. Once you have the pump lubricated, apply the pump to your mouth and gently suck the air through to ensure pump is properly in place. The short side to the top longer side to the bottom is the correct position. Once the pump is positioned accordingly, pump the pump until the lips are sucked into the mouth piece. Continue to draw the pump out slowly and push back in again and repeat.

Important Information: It is important to condition your lips for proper usage of the pump. Keep in mind, excessive use could cause some pain and or bruising. If this happens discontinue use.

Recommended Usage: First 2 weeks use only twice per day After 2 weeks use 3-4 times per day

Note - If you experience excessive pain, bruising or swelling, stop using it immediately.

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