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Tarot Readings

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Just a brief introduction into the various types of readings.

Psychic readings are done by psychics and mediums using their normal senses. They relay messages they get through seeing, sensing, hearing and or touching.

Mediumship is a way in which we communicate with those spirits of the dead. Science has not shown anything to support this but there is some evidence that suggest people (mediums) can communicate with the dead and relay messages to the living. There are several ways the medium can communicate with the dead. It could be through hearing things, seeings things or when the spirit appears as an apparition or a voice.

Tarot readings are done by a psychic drawing cards for an individual and using the tarot cards as a tool to connect to see the past, present and future.

Jan is a medium psychic with many years experience. She receives her messages from spirit, angels and guides. She started out with psychic readings, tarot readings and gradually worked into mediumship readings. She has dabbled in astrology as a hobby. Over the years she taught beginner mediumship classes on an online spirit site and has given many many readings. She has also attended group circles and seances to make connections with the spirits.

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